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swimming pools   phuket pool

    Take a dip in our two swimming pools - one is behind the dinning room and the second one is located near the lobby area. As you soak away in the pool at the dinning room zone, you will be able to take in the wonderful view of the ocean just up ahead. There are sunbathing chairs and beach umbrella that allow you to make the most of the time you spend at the pool. Your second swimming pool is situated right around the lobby section. This second swimming pool provides a different atmosphere than the first one. It is surrounded by the trees and villas and if your room happens to be one of the pool view villas, then it will be just a few paces away. Water fountains carved from stone in images of characters from the Thai folklore for instance, the mermaid, a golden goby and the garuda assist in giving you the feel of an imaginative fantasy world from the ancient Thai legends.

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